Indian Creek Bison Ranch

Tours are given, by appointment, throughout the year by owner Jerry Schmidt.

The tour begins with a narrative about Native Americans and how they depended on the bison for every aspect of their existence on the plains. Educational displays include Native American artifacts, weapon and tool replicas, and other bison items which Native Americans would have used in everyday life. The history of bison is explained from the time they roamed in the millions to their near extinction. The goal is to promote the production of these superb animals while still holding onto the history that is so much a part of who we are.

After the narrative, the tour group will sit upon their straw bale in the back of a truck/trailer and head out to get a close-up view of the herd. Everyone will be within a few feet of some of these incredible animals. During this time Jerry will talk about bison characteristics, methods used to raise and care for bison, and handling of the herd. Any and all questions about bison are welcome!

Groups of less than five usually ride in the back of a truck; groups of up to 20 ride on a smaller trailer; and groups over 20 will be on a larger trailer. The trailers have sides and all participants will have straw bales to sit on.

Come and get an ‘up close & personal look’ at these magnificent animals and learn why they have survived throughout the centuries and continue to serve such a useful purpose today.  More information is available at

*Tours may have to be postponed due to inclement weather.

Fun Bison Facts:                                         

  • Both males & females develop horns
  • Bison can live to be 30 years old
  • Calves are born orange in color & weigh around 40 lbs.

Cost of the Tours:  

Cost per person- $7.00
Senior Citizen (65 & Older)- $5.00
Children Under 12- FREE
Groups of 20-40- $125.00

NOTE: Minimum charge of $30.00

Contact Us Today:

Jerry & Linda Schmidt
13010 E. Lake Cable Rd.
Haven, KS 67543
Cell Phone: 620-921-5184