April Art Daze - Online Event

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April 01

Today kicks off the 30 Day Art Challenge from the Hutchinson Art Center

Get out all your art supplies and get ready to create! The Hutchinson Art Center will release a list of our 30-day drawing challenge items on our social media platforms on April 1st, featuring an array of different things you can create each day during the month of April. Use the hashtag #artdaze2020 so we can reshare your creations!

Day 1: Breathe                  Day 8: Outside                 Day 15: Gather                Day 22: Push and Pull

Day 2: Inside                    Day 9: Travel                    Day 16: Fly                       Day 23: Root and Bloom

Day 3: Change                 Day 10: Repair                 Day 17: Space                  Day 24: Pastel

Day 4: Bloom                   Day 11: Create                 Day 18: Drive                   Day 25: Glitz and Glam                                                  

Day 5: Fresh                     Day 12: Distance             Day 19: Spring                 Day 26: Hawt Dogs

 Day 6: Hoard                    Day 13: Isolate                 Day 20: Up                       Day 27: Fragrance                                                                                     

Day 7: Rain                       Day 14: Celebrate           Day 21: Goofy                   Day 28: Early Bird

Day 29: Night Owl             Day 30: Safe