Threshing in Kansas

128 East 1st Ave. • Hutchinson, KS 67501
Threshing in Kansas's Image

“Threshing in Kansas,” was painted by Lumen Martin Winter on the east wall of the Hutchinson Post Office, located at 128 E 1st Avenue. It is an egg tempera and oil mural painted directly onto the plaster wall. It measures 18 feet by 8.5 feet. Winter received the contract for the mural on August 4, 1941, and the mural was completed on July 7, 1942. The 32-year-old Winter received $2,800 for the commission.  “Threshing in Kansas” is the only mural funded through the Section Program in Kansas to be painted directly onto the plaster wall; all the other murals are painted on canvas and attached to the wall. It is a busy scene, and the farming scenes are representative of the realism style generally funded by the Section program.